FN MAG® Standard

7.62x51mm NATO
"FN MAG® Standard"
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FN Herstal is the original designer and manufacturer of the FN MAG® general purpose machine gun.

With 200,000 units manufactured and adopted by over 90 countries around the globe (all climate types), the FN MAG® machine gun is the unbeatable worldwide reference in its category in terms of accuracy and reliability.

The FN MAG® primarily fires from mountings (on vehicles, aircraft, ships and boats, or on tripods) but is also used by troops on the ground.

The FN MAG® is also known as the MAG®58, GPMG, M240 or L7A2.


  • Oustanding Reliability

    Throughout the years, the FN MAG® machine gun has proven its reliability in all combat conditions and all climate types thanks to:

      • An adjustable gas regulator
        • Allows low rate of fire for maximum accuracy
        • Can be increased to compensate for adverse conditions

      • A primary extraction
        • Reduces wear of extractor

      • A two-step feed
        • Increases belt pull capability

      • Long life of major parts
  • High Accuracy

    A strong and rigid receiver as well as a barrel tighly locked in the receiver makes the FN MAG® highly accurate.
  • Long Range Capability

    The FN MAG® machine gun fires 7.62x51mm NATO rounds which are perfectly suited to general purpose machine gun applications and offer an effective range up to 1,800m.
  • Sustained Fire Capability

    Belt feeding guarantees high volumes of fire.

    The FN MAG® features a quick change barrel which makes replacement of a hot barrel possible in less than 6 seconds, also during missions.

    In addition, the FN MAG® fires from an open breech, which suppresses any risk of cook-off.

  • Different variants for different applications

    The infantry model can also be mounted on pintles or on FN Herstal's deFNder® remote weapon stations without any modification.

    In addition, the FN MAG® is available in coax-mounted and pintle-mounted varinats to meet a large number of applications (air - land - sea).

Conversion Kit

The FN MAG® machine gun comes now standard with a polymer buttstock which allows fast and efficient decontamination of the weapon after contact with nuclear, biological, and/or chemical (NBC) agents.
A conversion kit is available to those customers wishing to replace the wooden buttstocks of their existing infantry FN MAG® machine guns with polymer buttstocks.

Conversion takes a few minutes and requires no specific tools.

FN MAG® machine guns with wooden buttstocks remain available on specific request.

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