FN P90® Standard

5.7x28mm (NATO Recommended)
"FN P90® Standard"
  • Minimi 5.56 Standard

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Just like the FN Five-seveN® MK2 handgun, the FN P90® submachine gun was developed around the 5.7x28mm ammunition to meet the Armies requirement in terms of efficiency.

Two versions are available:  

  • FN P90® Standard
  • FN P90® Tactical

Either version can be fitted with an integrated visible or infrared laser.


  • Stopping Power for Close Combat

    The FN P90® submachine gun and the SS190 ball ammunition team up to defeat the enemy in all close combat situations.
  • High Accuracy

    The high velocity of the 5.7x28mm ammunition guarantees a virtually flat trajectory up to 200m for outstanding accuracy.
  • Fully Reliable

    The simple design of the mechanism, the unique feed mechanism and the materials used to manufacture the FN P90® make it highly reliable, whatever the conditions.
  • Rapid Deployment

    The FN P90® is carried ready to fire. There is no need to extend any folding buttstock. Despite its shortness, the FN P90® is designed to be fired from the shoulder, giving maximum stability.
  • Quick Aiming

    The FN P90® Standard is fitted with an integrated optical sight without magnification. The user can therefore shoot with both eyes open. Performance is fully retained in low light conditions thanks to a tritium capsule.
  • Easy to Carry

    The compactness of the FN P90® allows easy movement in confined areas. The magazine is fully integrated in the upper part of the FN P90® for optimized ergonomics.
  • Fully Ambidextrous

    The cocking handle and magazine catch can be operated from both sides of the FN P90®. The fire selector is under the trigger and can be operated in either hand. Empty cartridge cases are ejected downwards. The FN P90® can therefore be handled by right- and left-handed operators without any modification.
  • High Magazine Capacity

    Since the 5.7x28mm rounds are light and small, the magazine fitted above the barrel can accept up to 50 cartridges.

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