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The FNS™-9 is the latest handgun innovation by FN Herstal.

The FNS™-9 pistol features a pre-loaded striker mechanism and a manual safety, hence combining fast and accurate shooting and optimal safety.

Additionally, the well thought out design of the FNS™-9 results in a stable, highly ergonomic and ambidextrous pistol that is easy to operate.


  • Fast and Accurate Shooting

The pre-loaded striker mechanism of the pistol means that energy has been pre-loaded partially. This ensures a short and light trigger pull identical for all shots allowing fast and accurate shooting.

The FNS™-9 has a low bore axis providing minimized perceived recoil and reducing muzzle rise for a perfect weapon controllability.

The handgun features a newly designed three-dot combat sights with deep rear sight notch which improved significantly the accuracy.

  • Maximized Safety Systems

In addition to the manual safety, the FNS™-9 features Four Major Safeties:

  1. Trigger Safety
  2. Firing Pin Safety
  3. Drop Safety
  4. Out-of-Battery Safety
1. Trigger Safety

The two-piece trigger prevents the weapon from firing without a presure on the trigger.
The rear of lower trigger piece catches on the frame if the mechanism is moved without pulling the trigger.

2. Firing Pin Safety

The firing pin safety prevents the striker from passing.
The firing pin safety is lifted out the way when the trigger is pulled.

 3. Drop Safety

Part of the fire control housing prevents the sear from rotating down to release the stricker unless the trigger is pulled.

 4. Out-of-Battery Safety

When the slide is not fully forwards the sear cannot release the stricker even if the trigger is pulled.

  • Enhanced Ergonomics

The FNS™-9 pistol comes standard with a large number of ergonomic features such as:
- Ultra nonslip checkered grips for better prehension
- Front serrations for easy press check
- Three interchangeable backstrap inserts quickly adapt to the pistol to the shooter's hand size.

  • For Right- and Left-Handers

All operating controls are fully ambidextrous:
- Slide stop
- Magazine catch
- Manual safety

  • Durability and Unequalled Reliability

The pistol features a 4'' hammer-forged stainless steel barrel and ultra-hard coating on stainless steel slide and barrel.

The high quality material is fully tested and fired under severe conditions prior to dispatch.

The pistol accepts all military and law enforcement duty ammunition.

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