9x19mm NATO
  • Minimi 5.56 Standard

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  • Minimi 5.56 lance grenade

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The High Power MKIII is the world's famous handgun.

It is in service in more than 100 countries and has built its reputation on high quality and total reliability. It is the type of weapon that makes you feel secure because it will never let you down whatever the situation, and will help you accomplish your mission.



  • Fully Reliable, Totally Safe

    By retaining the basic mechanism of the original HP handgun, the MKIII is fully reliable under all conditions. The simple mechanism ensures long part life and easy maintenance.

    No less than five safety devices:
    • manual safety: allows the weapon to be carried fully safe
    • visible hammer: shows whether the weapon is cocked or not
    • half-cocked notch: catches the hammer if it slips (when cocking)
    • firing pin safety: prevents inadvertent firing if the weapon is dropped
    • magazine safety: disengages the trigger when the magazine is removed  

  • Improved Design
    • Ergonomic grip: for quicker and better shooting.
      It significantly improves handling and contribute to the shooter's comfort.

    • Ambidextrous safety: a second lever on the left-hand side allows easier use by left-handers. Both safety levers are larger which make them easier to operate.
  • A Dependable Weapon

    Carried permanently in all conditions with limited cleaning, the MKIII, faithful to HP's legend, will deliver fast and reliable firepower from the 13-round magazine.

    A careful study of balance between the weight of the handgun and recoil forces guarantees:

      • quick aiming
      • improved accuracy
      • better comfort
      • accurate rapid fire: designed for rapid acquisition of target on successive shots

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