9x19mm NATO
  • Minimi 5.56 Standard

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  • Minimi 5.56 lance grenade

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The FNP family of pistols is the newest edition of FN Herstal's long-standing tradition of innovation and military quality products.

Using modern manufacturing technologies, these polymer-framed pistols offer selective ergonomic features to meet the personal needs of military units.

The FNP9 is available in medium and full size and there is a choice of DA/SA, DAO, SAO trigger mechanisms to answer a wide spetrum of needs.


The FNP9-M DA/SA pistol is the medium size version of the FNP9 DA/SA pistol. It accepts up to 15 rounds and features a double action/single action trigger mechanism.

  • Light Weapon

    The FNP9 is a polymer-framed pistol and is 30% lighter than a steel construction.
  • One Size Fits All

    The FNP9 comes with a set of arched and flat backstrap inserts for individual fitting.
  • Visual and Tactile Feedback

    The external hammer of the FNP9-M DA/SA provides both visual and tactile feedback by allowing the user to see and/or to feel the condition of the weapon:
  1. uncocked
  2. decocked
  3. cocked

The extractor shows a visible red indicator when a round is chambered.
Also, the protrusion of the extractor is tactilely obvious in low light conditions.


  • Simplified Maintenance and Cheaper Logistics

    Made of rugged, high grade steel, the inserted cradle can be replaced without sacrificing the pistol frame or changing the weapon's serial number.
  • Tactical Missions

    The FNP9 comes standard with a MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rail that accepts add-on accessories, e.g. tactical light or laser pointer.

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