FN FCU™-1.5M

"FN FCU™-1.5M"
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Successful target engagement with 40mm LV tube-launched grenades using leaf sight is not easy to achieve, even for an experienced operator:

  • The operator using leaf sights can only estimate the distance up to the target
  • Leaf sights have a very short line of sight (distance between front and back sights). This magnifies any aiming error.
  • Leaf sights have range setting every 25 or 50m, which does not make an accurate launch possible.

The solution is to replace leaf sights with a FN Fire Control Unit in order to maximize first-round hit probability.


FN Solution

FN Herstal has designed and developed a Fire Control Unit, the design of which fully answers the five critical questions for a successful launch of 40mm grenades, hence eliminating all factors likely to affect accuracy.

  1. What is the precise range between the operator and the target?
    The FN Fire Control Unit features a laser range finder which estimates precisely the range.

  2. What is the elevation/depression angle between the operator and the target? The FN Fire Control Unit features a clinometer which measures the firing angle.

  3. Which ballistic trajectory does the 40mm grenade follow during flight?
    The FN Fire Control Unit features a ballistic computer which calculates the angle of launch.

  4. What is the correct aiming point?
    The FN Fire Control Unit features a moving red reticle sight which gives the correct aiming point.

  5. Does weapon cant angle equal 0°? The FN Fire Control Unit features a weapon cant indicator. The red reticle flashes to indicate the operator needs to realign the weapon vertically. Red reticle flashes quickly or slowly if the operator needs to realign to the right or left respectively.

    Play Weapon Cant Indicator video



  1. Press the + button to activate the FN FCU

  2. Push on the remote LRF trigger

  3. Aim at the target with the moving red recticle or with the rifle sight

  4. The range is shown on the display screen when the remote trigger is released

  5. The moving red reticle appears in the sight with the correct firing angle

  6. Align the red reticle on the target

  7. Fire


The main benefits of the FN Fire Control Unit are as follows:

  • First round on target

  • Fast and accurate target engagement

  • Highly ergonomic design
    • Fire control unit positioned on the top Picatinny rail
    • Clear and accurate moving red reticle
    • Lightweight and compact

  • Large spectrum of use
    • Can memorize and calculate ballistic solutions for more than 50 different grenade types
    • Laser range finding using the rifle sight or the red reticle of the fire control unit
    • Night and day operation
    • Acts as a visible or infrared laser pointer
    • Can fit on any type of rifles or grenade launchers with top Picatinny rail
    • Undetectable range finder laser

  • Easy zeroing

  • Military proven


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