7.62x51mm NATO
"FN ARROWS™ with FN MAG®58S"
  • Minimi 5.56 Standard

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  • Minimi 5.56 lance grenade

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FN ARROWS™ stands for Advanced Reconnaissance & Remotely Operated Weapon System. Truly versatile, it can be equipped with an assortment of machine guns and an optional 40mm automatic high velocity grenade launcher kit. It offers total protection for the operator since it is aimed and fired from beneath the armor.

FN ARROWS™ is the result of the combined expertise of FN HERSTAL, global leader in small arms, and Rheinmetall Canada, a leading systems integrator.

FN ARROWS™ is designed to fulfill the most demanding operational requirements. Our extensive experience with armed forces worlwide combined with over 100 years experience in ballistics guarantees that the FN ARROWS™ is effective, reliable and easily maintainable.



  • Precise, rapid acquisition and effective destruction of targets, either fixed or mobile, up to 1,500m
  • Ideally suited for fire support, vehicle self-protection, perimeter defense, observation, reconnaissance and area surveillance



  • Designed for easy integration onto any type of vehicle (LVs, LAVs, AIFVs, M113,...)
  • Suitable for ground static applications like the protection of sensitive buildings




  • Unmatched Firing Accuracy

      Dispersion: standard deviation <0.3m at 400m
      Precision: <0.25m at 400m

      Dispersion: standard deviation <0.15m at 400m
      Precision: <0.1m at 400m
  • Versatile Modular System

    Accepts FN MAG58®S, .50 cal FN M2S™, .50 cal FN M3S™ machine guns and an optional automatic HV grenade launcher kit.
  • Remote Operation Concept

    Fully operable and serviceable from under armor
    - Emergency mode to ensure operation in case of power failure
    - High ammo capacity (500 7.62 rounds and 200 .50 cal rounds)
  • Stable Operation Performance within Complete Elevation Limits

    360° azimuth, +55° elevation, -20° depression with user programmable firing inhibit zones.
  • Guaranteed Performance under Severe Environmental Conditions

    The weapon cover provides full protection against environmental threats
  • Target Acquisition System with Day Night Capability

    Day sight CCD camera
    - Uncooled Thermal Imager Night Vision System
  • Soft Mount

    Optimized firing performance
    - Minimized level of shocks and vibrations
  • Cook-off Prevention of the Weapon

  • Built-In Test System for Failure Detection

  • Weapon Management System

    Ammunition counter
    - End-of-belt cut-off system
    - Adjustable burst length
    - Single-shot mode vs burst firing mode
  • Modular Configuration

    Performance can be enhanced with the following options:

    - Stabilisation for firing on the move
    - Ballistic protection Level 1 STANAG 4569
    - Laser range finder and ballistic computer for hit probability improvement
    - Cooled Thermal camera
    - Sighting system with cleaning and de-icing / de-fogging
    - Remote operation - system can be controlled from sheltered location, up to 30m from vehicle
    - Networkable system linked through vehicle comms
    - Links ans cases collector
    - Smoke Grenade Launchers
    - Interface with LASER Warning Receiver
    - Small Arms Detection and Localisation System

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