A Worldwide Presence

Just like the Herstal Group's headquarters, FN Herstal is located in Herstal, Belgium, at the heart of Europe, the European Union and NATO. The Herstal facilities house all departments in charge of designing, developing, manufacturing, testing, marketing and selling small arms, integrated weapon systems, ammunition and associated products to Military, Law Enforcement and Special Forces operators all over the globe.

Barrel Manufacturing

FN Herstal is the parent company of three fully owned entities:

FN America has been the consolidated entity of former US-based FN Manufacturing, LLC and FNH USA, LLC since October 20, 2014.

FN Manufacturing was established in 1978 to build and supply small caliber firearms to the US Military. Over the years, law enforcement and commercial users have complemented the customer list. Some of the firearms currently produced by FN in the US are the M16 rifles, the M249, MK46, MK48 and M240 series of machine guns, as well as a range of handguns.

FNH USA was set up in 1999 to manage the company’s official relationship with the US government and develop a sales and marketing strategy for a new commercial and law enforcement business.

Today, FN America employs approximately 500 people. Headquartered in McLean, Virginia, with manufacturing operations in Columbia, South Carolina, the company offers customers in the US a portfolio of products, training and support services.

The UK-based company Manroy was originally formed in 1975 to support the spares requirements of the British Army. Over the years Manroy started producing .50 cal and 7.62mm machine guns, as well as weapon mounts, tripods, 20mm cannons, and more recently turrets.

In the summer of 2014, Manroy, which employs around 70 employees, was acquired by FN Herstal.

Founded in 1982, Noptel Oy is specialized in the design and manufacture of advanced optoelectronic devices based on groundbreaking laser range finding technology. FN Herstal and Noptel started working together in the 2000s to design and develop the innovative FN Fire Control Unit (the so-called FN FCU™).

In July 2011, FN Herstal acquired the Finnish company to reinforce its leading position in offering its worldwide customers small caliber weapons integrating modern electronics. Today, Noptel employs around 70 people in Finland.

In addition to the above entities, FN Herstal relies on a sales network all over the world that provides international customers with local support.