FN F2000® Standard TR

5.56x45mm NATO
"FN F2000® Standard TR"
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The FN F2000® is a compact and reliable assault rifle that can be fitted with a wide range of integrated modules or accessories to meet present and future requirements for various types of missions. Its modular design enables the customer to upgrade the rifle with evolving technologies such as electronics, aiming systems and accessories.


  • Bullpup Design

    The FN F2000® rifle features a bullpup design, which provides the end user with a very compact assault rifle (690mm), but retaining a full-length barrel (400mm). As a consequence, the FN F2000® is always ready to fire.
  • High Modularity

Triple Rail Handguard

The FN F2000® Standard TR comes standard with a Picatinny type triple rail handguard to receive various accessories, such as laser pointer, tactical light and handgrip.


FN F2000® Standard TR

Integrated Grenade Launcher

The user can replace the triple rail handguard with a 40mm low velocity grenade launcher within a few seconds.

FN F2000® Standard TR equipped with Grenade Launcher


The integration of the grenade launcher onto the FN F2000® has been developed to retain outstanding ergonomics and balance as well as smooth contour of the rifle.

The user can pull either the rifle or the grenade launcher trigger easily without changing hand position. This ensures easy manipulation, quick aiming and accurate shooting.

This design makes the FN F2000® unique compared to traditional rifles available on the market today.

FN F2000® with Grenade Launcher
Traditional Rifle with Grenade Launcher

Standard Handguard

The triple rail handguard can also be replaced with an optional standard handguard.
This model is called FN F2000® Standard.

FN F2000® Standard
  • Ambidextrous

    Other bullpup rifles either can only be used right-handed or must be modified for left-handed shooters.
    By ejecting cases to the front, the FN F2000® allows safe shooting by left-handers without modifications.
    The magazine catch and fire/safety selector are fully ambidextrous.

  • Ergonomics

    With its smooth outer shape and its centre of balance directly over the strong hand, the FN F2000® rifle is easy to carry and well balanced for shooting.
  • High Hit Probability

    The FN F2000® Standard TR uses an optical sight with 1.6x magnification, which ensures a high hit probability up to 400m.
  • Reliability, Endurance and Resistance to Corrosion

    The receiver fully encloses the operating mechanism, giving very reliable functioning in adverse conditions.
    The use of modern polymers makes it highly resistant to impacts, and immune to corrosion.
  • Easy Field Stripping

    Field stripping results in eight subassemblies:
  1. Sight cover
  2. Barrel and optical sight assembly
  3. Moving parts assembly
  4. Receiver assembly
  5. Triple rail handguard
  6. Magazine
  7. Hammer assembly
  8. Butt plate
  • NATO Compatibility

    The FN F2000® Standard TR is equipped with an improved M16 type magazine, which is used on most NATO rifles and machine guns and can accept up to 30 rounds of 5.56x45mm NATO caliber.

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