Logistic Support

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Maintenance: A Large Scope of Expertise

FN Herstal Military Engineering Department has a worldwide expertise in maintenance skills transfer, technical assistance and overall management for setting up any level of weapon maintenance.

We will help you increase the lifetime of your small arms and cost-effectiveness of your maintenance operations by:

  • Analyzing your maintenance needs
  • Determining your maintenance programs
  • Supplying tools and gauges
  • Supplying maintenance documentation
  • Supplying mobile and static workshops for all levels of maintenance
  • Training your armorers, from a multimedia theorical level to practical tests

Keep your Stocks up to date

Logistic Support means:

  • Well-organized preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Accurate stock, corresponding to needs in terms of quantity and delivery time to units
  • Maintenance and stock records and forecasts
  • Efficient logistics.

Logistic Support includes:

  • Preventive maintenance management system
  • Computer-based stock management
  • Transfer of information between customer and FN Herstal
  • Technical assistance
  • etc.

    Logistic support is locally operated by customer or FN Herstal

Maintenance Know-How

FN Herstal’s Engineering Department provides skills at different levels:

  • Training Courses (at FN Herstal or on customer site)

  • Know-How Transfer (customer site)
    • Surveys regarding the maintenance to be completed

    • Know-How Transfer (customer site)
      Surveys regarding the maintenance to be completed

    • Installation/commissioning of maintenance equipment

    • Implementation of logistic support
  • Maintenance Operations (customer site)
    • Supporting and supervising local armorers

    • Completing specific upgrading operations.

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