FN SmartCore®

FN SmartCore®
"FN SmartCore®"
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At the Core of Logistic and Operational Management Systems

The FN SmartCore® is an electronic system which analyses and records the conditions of use of a weapon in order to: 

  • Reduce the life cycle cost of the weapon
  • Optimize the operational availability of the weapon
  • Communicate any exchange of fire to the upper level of command in real time

Main Objectives

  • Reduced life cycle cost of the weapon

The armorer software coupled with the FN SmartCore® reports any replacements or checks required on the major components of the weapon. This facilitates maintenance and logistic operations at armorer’s level and results in an optimized weapon fleet wear management.

  • Optimized operational availability of the weapon

The FN SmartCore® allows optimized management of maintenance operations by the armorer, hence ensuring improved weapon reliability in the theater of operations.

  • Realtime battlefield communication

By transmitting the conditions of use of the weapon through the communication system of the infantryman, the FN SmartCore® is able to provide automated reporting onto the Battle Management System (or BMS), allowing the upper level of command to be informed of any exchange of fire in real time. The FN SmartCore® has therefore a vital role to play in Future Soldier Programs.

Major Benefits

  • System designed, developed and manufactured by FN Herstal, a world leader in small arms for more than a century
  • Fully automated system with full transparency to the infantryman
  • Fully integrated system, with no impact on the balance of the weapon
  • Ensures accurate and smart counting of all shots (ball and blank)
  • Discriminates between shots and other shocks
  • Measures and takes into account rates of fire and firing cycles, which have a direct impact on the weapon and component durability
  • Various types of weapons can accept the FN SmartCore®

This product has been designed in response to many NATO military solicitations for logistics/maintenance purpose.

The FN SmartCore® requires specific military grade technical procedures and environment; it is not applicable to commercial and sporting individual firearms.

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