FN40GL® Mk2

Grenade Launcher (underbarrel or stand-alone)

For increased capability to the user

The FN40GL® Mk2 grenade launcher has been designed and developed by FN Herstal to fit onto either the FN SCAR®-L or the FN SCAR®-H platform. It can also be used as a stand-alone grenade launcher when attached to a buttstock assembly.

To greatly increase hit probability, the user can attach the FN® FCU Mk3 fire control unit to the top rail of the weapon. The FN® FCU measures range, temperature and slope angle, calculates the trajectory and adjusts the aiming point for a first-round hit – night and day. It also includes visible and IR lasers.

Key benefits

  • Can be mounted under any FN SCAR® assault rifle or used as a stand-alone launcher using an appropriate buttstock assembly

  • Seamlessly and quickly integrates with the rifle using a trigger adapter and dual locking clamp levers (adds no length to the overall rifle)

  • Both triggers can be pulled without changing hand position

  • Light and compact stand-alone grenade launcher thanks to its retractable buttstock

  • Leaf sight can attach to either side rail of the host weapon for high accuracy

  • Fast assembly and disassembly

  • Automatic extraction and ejection of the grenade case, and easy chamber inspection