Small Arms Management Solutions

FN® SAM provides an innovative and comprehensive solution for optimizing small arms management in any defense or security organization.

The FN Herstal solution comprises of 3 complementary components:

• FN SmartCore® shot counter
• FN® SAM software
• Readers to transfer data between shot counter and software

FN SmartCore®

FN SmartCore® Shot Counter is an electronic system which:

• analyzes vibrations of machine gun (FN SmartCore® for FN MINIMI®) or analyzes vibrations combined with movement of parts (FN SmartCore® for FN SCAR®)
• differentiates between live and blank firing and other events, such as dry firing and shocks
• records the number of shots fired
• stores user defined information: serial number, firearm type and configuration, date of issue

FN® SAM Software

The FN® SAM Software provides up-to-date information on weapons data and status of the entire fleet of small arms:

• assists workshop technicians
• provides essential reporting tool that delivers reliable and fully updated information.

The reader transfers data between the FN SmartCore® shot counter and the FN® SAM software.